Afterlife of Colonialism

A must read!

Afterlife of Colonialism was originally published on Femonomic

Chai & Biscuits


In that case, as a proud Indian, am really scared of that repetition of an era, which had given a huge blow into the otherwise cherishing economy. But this worrisome can be stifled by learning about our past, the history about our beautiful nation, pre and post independent states. It is our duty to understand history and this book helps us to fill that vacuum.

91Tu6fhpR6L.jpgHistory always fascinates me. I got an opportunity to youtube a speech delivered by Shashi Tharoor at The Oxford Union society. That triggered me to read his works. I am so glad that I picked ‘An Era Of Darkness’, this is the very first book I read from his works, a brilliant account of our nation, with stunning facts. During the childhood days, I remember one of the debates being conducted, The Merits and Demerits of British rule in India. I was bought into the…

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